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ISUP Drift Fishing Stand Up Paddke Board

Aqua Marine DRIFT iSUP board – for the FISHERMAN

Flow YOGA Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Aqua Marine FLOW iSUP board

isup magma tn 1024x240 1 228x53 - AM iSUP - MAGMA

Aqua Marine MAGMA iSUP board

isup thrive tn - AM iSUP - THRIVE

Aqua Marine THRIVE iSUP board

Boga SUP Classic Paddle Board

Classic BOGA SUP board

Boga El Rey SUP Paddle Board

El-Rey BOGA SUP board

kayak paddle malachite
fluid kayak paddle bamba craft


The Bamba is a kayak purposely built for fishing and can also be used for touring. The length and the hull design makes it fast while maintaining superb stability. The pronounced keel assists tracking. The combination of hatches provides 260 liters of in-hull storage space. Two live wells, a fishfinder nook and all of the other standard angling features make this the ultimate fishing platform.

The Bamba comes with a rudder option. You can now take this fully kitted fisherman’s dream out in even the choppiest waters or longer tours with greater ease. Spend less time on the paddle and more on the line!

fluid kayak paddle buddy craft


The Buddy is a sporty kayak ideal for the solo adventurer or fun loving family. The short and wide profile makes it super stable and highly manoeuvrable. The tri-hull design allows it to track very well for such a nimble kayak, making it great for ocean surfing too. The volume distribution of the Buddy ensures that heavier paddlers can paddle it, while the compact design and low weight makes it easy to handle for kids, on and off the water.

fluid kayak paddle chumani craft


The Chumani is an adventurous single seater. Its length makes it relatively fast and extremely efficient. It features a tri-hull design which makes it super stable, while the subtle keel ensures that it tracks very well. The rocker profile and lifted bow ensures that it is maneuverable and easily punches through waves. The carrying capacity and gear decks allow paddlers to pack all the gear they need.

fluid kayak paddle locomotion craft


The Locomotion is a revolutionary kayak that can be attached to another Locomotion to form a double, triple or quadruple kayak. You can link as many as you want. When the stern gear deck is removed, the bow of a Locomotion perfectly slots in the cavity. The supplied cam strap is then threaded through the matching drain holes to secure the two kayaks together. The Locomotion can easily be stored upright due to the flat stern, making it easy to store a large number of Locomotions.

fluid kayak paddle synergy craft


The Synergy is a versatile two-seater kayak that can also be paddled solo. Its length makes it fast and extremely efficient. It features a tri-hull design making it super stable, while the subtle keel assists tracking. The rocker profile and lifted bow ensures manoeuvrability and that it easily punches through waves. The high carrying capacity ensures that even two heavier paddlers can paddle it.