Ropes from range of yarns, twisted or plaited, thin to thick
Some twisted ropes are available in a multiple strand twists of 3, 4, 8, and 12-strands

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battlerope 199x192 - Battle Rope

Battle Rope – Fantastic fitness tool for strength and stamina.
Take it where ever you go, it’s like having a whole gym in your tog-bag.

Eco Rope

ECO Rope is the lowest cost of all natural fibre ropes.


  • Economical
  • Firm grip
  • Knots well
  • Environmentally friendly



Kite Line Dyneema Coated Rope

UHMwPE single braid

Manila Rope

General-purpose natural fibre rope

stranded nylon 300x133 - Nylon Rope 3-strand

General purpose rope for dynamic loading

polyester 3 strand rope

General purpose sinking rope that remains flexible and easy to handle when wet

Yello Polyethelene 16mm 3 string

General purpose, UV resistant floating rope

stranded nylon 300x133 - Polyrene Rope 3-strand

General purpose alternative to nylon

Polysteel Rope

General purpose, UV resistant floating rope

boat spectra

Heat-treated 12 strand single braid UHMwPE rope with polyurethane coating

Tug of War Rope

35m of 32mm diameter 3 -twist natural fibre rope.

This specific variant is typically used for Tug-Of-War.