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Bev-Tent Range

The BEV-TENT range is our latest offering as we venture more and more into the camping sector.

The range of fittings & accessories are for tents, camper vans, caravans, campers, RV’s, park homes, motor homes, trailers & trailer top tents. This range is far from complete and new products are continually being added.

Here we’ll profile a few of the items:

The “Wonder Wieletjie” or annex pulley is a very useful device to assist with inserting the rally awnings in the aluminium “rope rail” or c-channel – making it a one man job.

Ensure you have a d-ring stitched on the leading edge of the awning canvas, attach a rope with a quick connect hook (see our range of in-line hooks such as the Andy Hooks or Carabiners), thread rope through the pulley, insert pulley at opposite end of channel that you are inserting the canvas and pull on the rope while you feed the canvas into the channel.

d ring1 - Bev-Tent Range

d ring2 - Bev-Tent Range






The range also includes these extremely useful square tube connectors in various configurations. Use them to make tables, boxes, frames etc very easily with 19 or 25mm square tubing. Don’t even need to be particularly handy or DIY orientated and with merely a hacksaw and mallet – you can make some very useful and sturdy products.

tubeconnecters - Bev-Tent Range

Most of our fittings are for 22 and 255mm OD round aluminium tubing (1.22mm wall thickness) and a few also for 19mm tubing.

The range includes spigots, eyes, clip-on tee’s, height adjusters, feet, etc

fittings1 - Bev-Tent Rangefittings2 - Bev-Tent Rangefittings3 - Bev-Tent Rangefittings4 - Bev-Tent Rangefittings5 - Bev-Tent Rangefittings6 - Bev-Tent Rangefittings7 - Bev-Tent Range










We have a large range of rope adjusters – available in plastic or aluminium that accommodate from 2mm upto 8mm guide ropes.

adjusters - Bev-Tent Rangeadjusters2 - Bev-Tent Rangeadjusters3 - Bev-Tent Rangeadjusters4 - Bev-Tent Range






On the spigots, we have for 19mm, 22mm and 25mm and with Aluminium pin or plastic pin.

The plastic pin version has a ball on the end and work with the rope latches.

spigots - Bev-Tent Rangespigots2 - Bev-Tent Range






The aluminium version now has an extra long pin to be able to accommodate multiple horizontal poles with pole eye ends.

alum spigot - Bev-Tent Rangefittings3 - Bev-Tent Range






The pole adjusters work with the 22mm tubing inserted inside the 25mm tubing, making telescopic height adjustable camping poles.

The pole adjuster is very affordable,

fittings5 - Bev-Tent Range






but the “Aussie Clamp” version is ideal if poles need to be inserted in sleeves and need to have stream-line poles for this purpose.

aussie clamp - Bev-Tent Range






Another useful item to compliment the tent pole range is the plastic suspension hooks that allow one to clip on side walls to gazebo and rally tents.

suspension hooks - Bev-Tent Range






The small one is suitable for 19mm tubing, whilst the larger one is for 22mm or 25mm tubing.

Two of the newest additions to the BEV TENT range is these window stays – available in a short (230mm) or long (320mm) version.

window stays 1024x425 - Bev-Tent Range









And the Jack Pads

The Jack Pads from BevTent Components are made from durable Nylon plastic and are available in black or White – (130mm Square). Designed to provide extra stability on any soft and/or wet ground. Simply attach to the steadying arms of the caravan or camping trailer. Can be left on permanently.


jack pads - Bev-Tent Range





For doors and cabinetry – we have

Swivel door catches

swivel door catches - Bev-Tent Range






Push Button door catches

pushbutton - Bev-Tent Rangepushbutton1 - Bev-Tent Rangepushbutton2 - Bev-Tent Range






And a range of internal catches

internal catches - Bev-Tent Rangeinternal catches2 - Bev-Tent Rangeinternal catches3 - Bev-Tent Rangeinternal catches4 - Bev-Tent Range






And a spacer

spacer - Bev-Tent Range






Air Vents

airvents - Bev-Tent Range






And a great range of sturdy handles

handles - Bev-Tent Range






The handles are available in a 220mm and 250mm version and in Grey or Black plastic.

There is now a 250mm version available with one hole on either side now.

These collapsible stainless steel saddles are great for ensuring you have anchoring places on the floor to secure goods so they don’t move around.

saddles - Bev-Tent Rangesaddles2 - Bev-Tent Range






Finally our flower knobs are extremely useful for creating adjustable items. Available with nuts or threaded bolts and in various sizes. See list of available configurations:

flower knobs - Bev-Tent Range






(A) – 20mm DIA HEAD WITH 5mm THREAD x 20mm LONG

(A)(1) – 20mm DIA HEAD WITH 5mm NUT

(B) – 40mmDIA HEAD WITH 6mm THREAD x 25mm LONG

(B)(1) – 40mm DIA HEAD WITH 6mm NUT

(C) – 50mm DIA HEAD WITH 8mm THREAD x 30mm LONG

(C)(1) – 50mm DIA HEAD WITH 8mm NUT

(C)(2) – 50mm DIA HEAD WITH 10mm THREAD x 30mm S/S BOLT

(D)(1) – 73mm DIA HEAD WITH 12mm THREAD x 30mm LONG BOLT

(D)(2) – 73mm DIA HEAD WITH 12mm FULL NUT


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