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Inspection Hatches are moulded plastic hatches, manufactured using a process called injection moulding. They are made from Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. The ABS plastic is heated and then injected into a mould and allowed to cool. The hatches comprise an ABS lid, ABS ring, forprene O-ring and a nylon retaining strap.

The inspection hatches have a large range of applications and can be used on boats, caravans, fishing (live bait buckets) and storage containers as well as waste bins. They are also used to create a watertight seal. The hatches create an opening to inspect the hull of a boat as well as the hydraulics and electrics that run through the hull. I find the clear plastic lid most convenient, because it allows for inspection without having to remove it. The standard colours of the hatches are white or black. However, you can request any colour – orange being the latest colour available.

As the name indicates, the hatches are used mainly for inspecting spaces that need to be watertight. They are also used as a watertight seal in a space for storing goods and are exactly what I would advise for keeping equipment dry and preventing dust damage to stored goods. They are useful for sealing waste tanks as they facilitate the cleaning of the tanks.

I have found that in order to benefit from the water tight seal, correct installation of the hatches is imperative. Ensure that the size of the hole is correct, and the edges smoothed off. Apply some marine silicone to the ring, and insert it into the hole. Ensure correct placement and drill the holes for the mounting screws, which I suggest should be stainless steel, and then fix the ring into place. The ABS lid then needs to be screwed on tightly. I add a smear of Vaseline to the thread on the lid for additional sealing, and it is advisable to replace the Vaseline on the thread every so often.

The hatches come in three different sizes being: 4 inch (10.16cm), 6 inch (15.24cm) and 8 inch (20.32cm) diameter.

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