Why give Mom cut flowers for Mother’s Day that will wilt in a couple of days when you can give her the gift of outdoors? Well, stuff that she can use in the outdoors anyway. If your mom enjoys getting out on the water in any shape or form, keep reading – we have the perfect Gift Guide for you.

A Gift Guide is awesome because you can share a cool discovery with friends or just fatten up your wish list with a treasure trove of new products!

Here are some accessory products most paddlers, not just your dear mom, would find useful. Some are one-of-a-kind treats while you can never have too many of some of the others.

Do you remember that time that your mom lost you in a shopping mall? Or rather, you lost your mom because you didn’t listen to her when she told you not to wander off and you went walk-about anyway? Make up for it by making sure that she never loses her SUP or paddle the same way she lost you! Nautical Sports stocks Gear4Gear’s Wrist Paddling Leashes  or Gear4Gear’s Calf Paddling Leashes which are affordable and perfect for the paddle. We also stock this Delux SUP Calf Leash, perfect for keeping her SUP close.

gear leash sup wrist coil sup calf leash

How many times has your mom bent over backwards for you? I’m sure you’ve lost count. After all those years of being the best mom ever, why not let her sit back and relax. Nautical Sports has just the thing! Gear4Gear’s Kayak Back Rest provides support in all the right areas for long stints in the kayak. Your mom will definitely be thanking you!

Mom = support. Life jackets also = support. So wouldn’t it make sense to keep mom a-float with a snazzy new life jacket? Check out our adjustable Paddling and Ski Life Jacket – available in 4 sizes ensure a comfortable and safe fit!

Just like dear old mom dried all of your tears, give her a gift that will keep all her things dry when she’s out on the water. We stock a range of drybags, including this excellent value for money Gear4Gear version with a very useful 3 Litre volumetric capacity – perfect for car keys, cell phones and cameras – ensuring they stay dry while she’s getting wet.



On the topic of avoiding losing things – consider our Key Safes/Surf Locks that allows one to keep your keys locked securely to the outside of your car (on the tow-ball , door handle, tow hook). They’re great for runners or cyclists who don’t want keys on them or want to ensure the first person back can gain access to the car.

Finally – help mom tidy up a bit – buy one of these craft storage rack solutions from HoldFast or Gear4Gear to stow the kayak out of the way – she’ll thank you for it – even if it’s for your own kayak. 😉


Of course you could always go big and buy her a CRAFT – after-all she probably is the most important person in your life and they say – go big or go home!

Pop into our shop or drop us a mail to enquire about getting a stellar Mother’s Day Gift. Share this gift guide with your friends – they and their moms will thank you!

Whatever you do for Mother’s Day, make sure that mom knows she’s special and appreciated! Happy paddling!