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  • Boating

    Boating (337)

    Here you will find everything boating specific. Port Elizabeth and Eastern Cape's premier boating accessory shop. Also check the Hardware section for other items, including stainless Rigging hardware.
  • Paddling

    Paddling (73)

    The Eastern Cape's best stocked Paddling Shop / Kayaking Shop - based in Port Elizabeth, with a range of craft, paddles, life jackets and other paddling apparel. Order a Fluid Kayak from us and we will have it delivered direct to your home / holiday house - FREE of CHARGE.
  • Car Rack Systems

    Car Rack Systems (61)

    Car BIKE and ROOF RACK solutions to safely transport your Gear to your destination. WE SELL NATIONWIDE!
  • Hardware & Fittings

    Hardware & Fittings (344)

    Range of Plastic or Nylon, Galvanized and Stainless Steel general purpose hardware. Rigging Hardware, Blocks & Pulleys, Hinges and Latches, Handles etc
  • Camping

    Camping (80)

    A range of Camping bits and bobs from tent pole fittings to caravan parts.
    Also see useful post and catalogue.
  • Rope

    Rope (41)

    The most comprehensive range of Ropes, Cords and Braids as well as associated hardware and accessories in Eastern Cape / Port Elizabeth.

    We sell cut length rope or full drums / coils.