While it is often considered to be more of a utilitarian necessity, using nautical rope and twine in

decorating your home can be really fun and is eco-friendly. Not to mention relatively inexpensive!

Nautical rope is a brilliant material for furniture decoration as well as creating unusual lighting

fixtures or accessories for your indoor and outdoor living spaces.


Twine, jute and other natural fibres can match most décor styles, from clean and modern to quaint

and homely, enhancing designs with unique texture and neutral, soft colours. It is also relatively easy

to use as a decoration – anyone that can tie a knot can make some kind of rope item to use in their

home. And if you’re relatively shy about putting rope all over your house, you can start relatively

small and subtle. Nobody will be describing your house as nautical-themed just yet.

rope hanging shelf interior designnautical rope drawer knobs interior design

Nautical rope can introduce a wonderfully romantic nautical feel into your interior space,

accentuating the shapes of the items you attach it to. Adding a touch of twisted rope can make your

room’s décor more interesting while also personalising your space. Rugged and twisted, the nautical look of rope can

be combined with functionality, creating charming decorations with a purpose, such as a door

stopper or a room divider.

nautical rope door stopper interior designnautical rope room divider interior design

Nautical Sports sells a range of ropes – twisted, plaited or braided – that can be used in your

decorating endeavours, allowing you to experiment with different sizes and colours. For the eco-

conscious decorators, the Eco Natural Rope is a winner, just like the Tug of War Rope and the Manila

Rope we stock. If you prefer a finer look rather than a rugged look, our Cotton or Eco Twine is the answer while the Net

Cord opens up your options with regards to colours.

nautical rope mirror frame interior designnautical rope lampshade interior design

In conclusion –  go ahead and hang a shelf or several picture frames from ropes, or create drawer knobs with

pieces of rope or twine. Rope mirror frames or lampshades are quite popular in beach-side homes,

but even much simpler rope accents in your home can be effective: footstools, towel rails,

bannisters, curtain rails and even napkin rings!

nautical rope foot stool interior designnautical rope towel rail interior design

nautical rope bannister interior designnautical rope bannister interior designnautical rope bannister interior design

nautical rope curtain rods interior designnautical rope napkin rings interior design