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AFTER 26th January 2020, all paddlers will need to have a SAMSA approved PFD (with NRCS number) at any CSA sanctioned event.
Some context
CSA (Canoeing South Africa) was granted the status of “Authorised Agent” by SAMSA.
The status of “authorised agent” means that they have been granted the authority to be self-regulatory” to a certain extent, and that we do not have to adhere to all of the stringent requirements that would normally apply.
The status was granted after a lengthy negotiation, during which CSA had to prove that their safety protocols were adequate. The status gets reviewed every 3 years.
One of the numerous issues that SAMSA wanted clarity on was the wearing of PFD’s (personal floatation devises). In order for them to accept the PFD that CSA recommended, they needed a recognised international standard against which the devise could be tested. The lightest and least restrictive classification that they would accept was the EN ISO 12402-5 (level 50).
In order to protect the PFD manufacturing industry from suddenly having a pile of stock that they could not dispose of, as well as giving the buyers of PFD’s the luxury of getting some use out of them before they were declared “illegal”, CSA requested a 5 year moratorium on compliance with the ISO standard.
This moratorium expires on the 26th of January 2020.
After that date, paddlers will not be allowed to enter races without a PFD that complies with the ISO definition.
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