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Universal Soft Roof Rack by Gear4Gear

This week, we are going to profile one of our top selling products from Gear4Gear – their Universal Soft Roof Rack.

This is truly the most universal and versatile soft rack on the market.

Made from UV resistant and extremely tough Rip-Stop Canvas, the foam has aluminium tubes embedded in them to provide excellent support and stability for heavier loads. This is something most soft racks cannot cope with and one risks denting in the roof of your car.

With non-slip panels on the underside and with heavy duty 35mm webbing and cam buckles, one can be assured of your load being safe and secure and not slipping around or risk damaging the paint work of your car.

universal soft roof rack

They are ideal for water-sportsmen, accommodating anything from fishing rods, surfboards, SUP’s and kayaks. This extends right up to double plastic kayaks which typically weigh around 30Kg.

universal soft roof rack surfboard

universal soft roof rack canoe kayak

If you have loads of camping gear or luggage to get to your destination, these softracks, in conjunction with the Gear4Gear roof-top bag, is the solution.

universal soft roof rack bag

Cyclists can use it to get their mountain bike to their destination, without the need for a bike rack/carrier. This is an especially useful option for those whose car does not have a tow ball.

universal soft roof rack bicycle cycle carrier

universal soft roof rack bicycle cycle carrier

Every family should have a set of these in the boot of their car. If you had to buy a long pole or plank, one doesn’t want to resort to sticking it out the window. This leaves you at risk of damaging the car door/rubbers or the item you are transporting.

They fit virtually any 4 door car (can also be used on cab/canopy of bakkies and double cabs.

Only putting them on when needed means you are not constantly driving around with roof racks. So, you minimise drag and wind noise and avoid being a target for theft and catching low lying branches etc.

They take less than 2 minutes to put on and about 30 seconds to take off.

universal soft roof rack points

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